Tuesday, December 13, 2011


What did the fireman say when the church caught on fire?
“Holy smoke!” :-)

In early colonial times, bucket brigades were formed to put out fires. As towns grew, that became insufficient, and in 1678, the first engine company was founded in Boston. They used a manual pump, which had a small tank that was supplied with water by a bucket brigade. In 1736, Benjamin Franklin organized the first volunteer fire-fighting society.

Lets draw our very own fire truck.

Lets first learn to draw a star as we will need to put that in our truck.

  • Write an upside down V.
  • Join the edges with I.
  • Now write a V.
  • Join its edges with another I.
Our star is ready

  • Start by writing a turned around L or half T. Write  a long E right in the middle of L.
  • Write another turned around L.
  • Start making wheels by writing a 5 and then an upside down U.

  • Join the edges of 5 and U with I. Top the roof of this truck with 11 to start making siren.
  • Finish the back of this truck with I.
  • If you want your ladder to be long extend the bottom two lines of E a bit. Join the tips of 11 with I. Divide this in middle with another I.

  • Now lets make the door. Write 11 as shown.
  • Join tips of this 11 with I.Divide this door into two to make a window. 
  • Also write a lot of Is joining the bottom two lines of E to finish making ladder.
  • Put a star on the door.

  • Write a big O and then a small O inside this big O to make one wheel. Make the second wheel exactly like the first one.
  • For front and rear lights we write C and turned around U.
Our fire truck is now ready !! 

I hope our little fire captains Anthony and  vincent will have a good time drawing their very own fire truck.

Why do firemen wear red suspenders?
To keep their pants up :-)

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  1. this is good website but i think you should add other types of models of vehicles for older kids.



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