About me

Hi, I'm a mother,a wife and an artist who loves children and who loves drawing !! This blog is my canvas and a place for me to let out my creativity. This is a blog for my little one and me and hopefully for you and your adorable little ones.
I'm so happy that you're here. If you get a minute, please introduce yourself in the comments.Your feedback will both encourage and improve me in what I am doing.If you like what you see, you are invited to follow my blog by becoming a follower or liking it in Facebook.

It all started when I had to teach my not so artistic husband to draw.
One day my toddler asked my husband to draw a lion. My husband who is poor in drawing had hard time drawing a lion. Poor guy when he drew a lion my son refused to recognize it as lion and got very disappointed.
My hubby asked if I could teach him to draw with something basic. And guess what he does know alphabets and numbers.

As my son grew so did the list of animals and birds. I figured that this method would teach him not only various animals and birds but also in a hidden way teach him practice writing.

Age is not a criteria to learn drawing but we hope our efforts will help anyone who is interested in learning drawing.
If you have something particular in your mind that you would like to see and learn, please send me your feedback. I will try to show how to draw it in the easiest way possible .

I believe in giving back to community. I volunteer to teaching kids drawing in local school and libraries. Please check this out. http://sjpl.org/tags/king-library
I will appreciate your comments /feedback to help me improve further :-)


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