Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Did you hear about the terrible accident? A red cruise ship collided with a purple cruise ship.
What happened?
All the passengers were marooned. :-)

For now, Freedom of the Seas is the largest luxury cruise ship in the world, owned by Royal Caribbean. It is approximately the same height as two of the Statue of Liberty, placed head to toe. It has a H2O Zone, or the “sprayground” which has colorful fiberglass sculptures shooting jets of water, geysers shooting from the ground and water cannons. There’s even a lazy river and waterfall inside this ship.
Lets draw a cruise ship.

  • Write I on one end and a tilted I on the other end.
  • Join their top tips with another I.
  • Write a number of Os for windows. Base is ready.

  • Now write a tilted I on the right end of this ship.
  • Write half of T at the right end.Write a slanted I on top of half T.

  • Write a number of long Is to make your ship bigger and more roomy.
  • Write 11 right top . Join the tips with I and divide it in middle with another I.

  • Write a number of Us to make water. Color and enjoy your vacation cruise ship.

What did the water say to the cruise ship and it's passengers?

Nothing, it just waved. :-)

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