Thursday, December 1, 2011


What did the male deer say to his fiance in his wedding?
I doe deer :-)

The whitetail deer, so named for it’s signature tail, the underside of which is white and often the only part of the deer one will see as it turns away to run, tail held up in the process. More and more though, deer are becoming immune to peoples encroachment, and while not only do they not run in fear, but will come right up into our yards and gardens looking for some choice morsel of food.
 Lets draw one now. It is a little complicated but do not give up, it is after all a few more alphabets.

  • Start by writing S.
  • Write upside down U at top tip of S.

  • Write V for mouth and write two Us to start making ears.
  • Write upside down V on U of each ear.
  • Write a slightly crooked V for tail.
  • Make eye by writing O and putting a dot inside it.
  • Write flat C to make neck.
  • Write two C facing opposite sides to start making legs.

  • Write 11 for first leg.Finish it by joining edges with horizontal I.
  • Write V to start making second leg. Finish it by writing a slant I and joinn the edges with I.
  • Third leg is made by writing a L.
  • Fourth leg is two Vs written together joined with I at edges.
 Do you know the name of most famous deer?
Bambi , of course :-).


  1. This is easy enough, could you post some craft ideas too? thnx

    1. Thanks !! I am working on your suggestion. Hopefully I will be able to post some of my original and very easy to make craft ideas soon!!

  2. Interesting blog with innovative ideas!!Happy to follow u :)



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