Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Where does a bunny go for brunch?-IHOP!

They do  have yummy pancakes, but the best I like about them is the various type of syrups...yummy.
Another question, why do bunnies get good grades in math? 
Because they multiply like crazy.

Well, I cannot guarantee good grade in maths but you will definitely impress your teacher and your friends with this cute little bunny.

  • Start by writing an O
  • Mark two dots on the top for the ears.
  • Lets draw the ears now. They are U and V joined together. We write a V at each dot and then join the edges of V with upside down U.
  • Write a big U for the body.
  • Write a W for the forelegs.
  • Write a small C.
  • Join the edge of C and the free edge of U with another U.

  •  Join the mid of W(fore leg) to the middle of U(hind leg) with I. Write a small u for nose, another small u for tail.
  • Join the nose to the bottom of the face with I. Put two dots for eyes.
 Funny Bunny!!!


  1. I finally got around to checking out your site and it is fabulous! I can't wait to share it with my daughters. Please keep up the great work!

    Pam Crone
    Hacienda Elem.

    1. Thanks Pam. I am glad you like it :-). Did you revisit our garden patch , it seems to be doing great!!



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