Wednesday, November 9, 2011


One man asks another ,"Have you ever hunted bear?." The other man replies," No, but I've been shooting in my shorts!" :-).

Did you know Grizzly Bear is the state animal of California. They are large, heavy, omnivorous carnivores that walk flat on the soles of their feet and have shaggy fur and a very short tail. The bear we are going to draw here is a simple one and he is smiling with his cub.
  • Write a big O for the face.
  • Please do not get impatient. We now have to write six Us and two Os. Write a small O inside the face,a little towards the bottom. Write another O inside this small O for the nose.
  • Write two small upside down U touching the upper side of big O inside the face to make the outer part of eyes.
  • Write two upside down U for the ears. Cover these ears with a bigger set of upside down U.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  • Write a w for mouth.
  • Write a turned around L for the back, you can think ofit as half of the capital alphabet T. Write an I for front. 
  • Write two upside down Us, one for the tail and one to define the legs.
  •  Join the tip of the legs with Is and write a L to make the third leg. The fourth one is hidden.
 I have made a bear and its cub here.I hope you will have some fun too.

Did you know why bears have fur coats?
Because they'd look stupid in anoraks! :-)

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