Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haunted house

What kind of TV do you find inside a haunted house?
A wide scream TV  :-)

As per an estimate there are over 1,200 haunted attractions in America that charge admission fees to their events.  Additionally,there are over 300 amusement facilities producing some sort of Halloween or Haunted House event such as an amusement park or family fun center.  We are planning for a scare/haunted theme in our garage this year.

Lets draw our haunted house. This is really a very easy drawing of haunted house.

  • Start by writing three upside down V with some space between them.
  • Join them with I. Make them different sizes. The more crooked your Is are, better it is. Your haunted house will look more spooky.
Now write tilted I at the end of first and last V.

  • Write lying down I at free end of each I towards the smaller V but not quiet joining them.
  • Join join these two flat I with bent I.
  • Now its time to make windows. Write 11 for as many windows you want to make. Join the top and the bottom end of 1 with I. Haunted house is ready.

For my Halloween card, I drew a haunted house. Some huge bats, a RIP sign and some spooky trees with Y.  Please share what your Halloween card was like. I'll love to read it.

Time for our next funny Halloween joke.
Who wrote a recent best seller about haunted houses?
A ghost writer of course :-D !!

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