Saturday, March 16, 2013

Penguin Easter Craft from boiled egg

We are going to snow in two weeks. Kind of late but there is still snow in Tahoe. My kids think that they might see penguins in Tahoe :-D. Well, penguins do live in snow :-), however not in Lake Tahoe. However , mummy can make penguins for her dear darlings.
This again is another very simple Easter craft for young kids. Just follow the directions as in the picture and your penguins will come skiing along.

  • Cut two heart shapes with black construction paper.
  • Cut an orange triangle for mouth, and two orange ovals for flippers.
  • Use a dry erase marker or non toxic water color for makings eyes and buttons.

  • Stand boiled eggs on bottle cap. Glue wings and mouth and flippers.
  • Make eyes.
  • You can put two bottle caps on its head too to make them "Party Penguins."

My penguins turned out simply cool!!!!
I am pleased and so are my kids!
Hope you have fun to. Your comments are very welcome. In fact they make me smile and really happy from within to read your comments.

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