Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter bunny craft from boiled egg

Our quota of Easter Craft is not done yet. Here is another something that we made. It is the cute Easter bunny himself. Now this is my surprise to Wee and her brother. A hippity hoppity bunny in their Easter basket. After they are done playing with it they can as well eat it.
This is again a super simple Easter Craft which you can easily make at home with things you already have at hand.
  • Stand boiled egg on a bottle cap. 
  • Cut two ears out of felt and glue them on.
  • Make whiskers out of toothpick.
  • Stick a bow made of  a different cor felt for flower.

  • Make eyes and mouth with marker.
  • Glue another piece of triangular felt for nose.
My cute Easter bunnies for my Cuties is ready. They will be surprised when I make something like this for them on Easter.
Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Salad.

These egg bunnies do make a great salad. :-) 

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