Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Lotus Craft from boiled egg

Kids are challenging. My next challenge was. Mummy I want a flower!! Girls and girly things go together :-). My son roared away with the lion we made for my daughter and now my little Wee is crying for a flower. So here comes another cute Easter Craft.

  • We take orange construction paper. Fold it into four . Cut different size petals.
  • Sit the egg on a bottle cap. Glue it on the cap.Make small circles on top of this egg with water color or marker.

  • Arrange petals as shown in figure . Put a rubber band around it to secure the petals.

  • Gently open the petals.
  • Your flower is ready.

My Easter egg blossom is very beautiful. My little Wee was so happy with her "Princess Flower" that she wanted to eat it right away :(. Any ways we made lots more. It is super easy, cute and lots of fun.
Happy Easter and Happy Easter Crafting.

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