Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Lion Craft from boiled egg

My little one likes lions and so does my friends daughter Jasmine. Jasmine helped me make this cute lion with a boiled egg. It is really easy. You can play with your Easter egg and then eat it too. Hope you enjoy this cool Easter animal Craft. 

  • We need boiled egg. yarn, tooth picks , hot glue and scotch tape.
  • We need to stick this yarn in the scotch tape as shown in the picture.
  • Make this long enough to make mane of the lion.

  • Stand this boiled egg in a bottle cap.
  • Glue woolen mane around egg.
  • Make eyes and write w for mouth.
  • Make whiskers with toothpicks as shown.
  • Make nose with triangular construction paper.

Have roaring fun with your cute Easter Lion Craft!!!

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