Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spotted Cow

Lets draw a cow. It is really easy and fun. I have three kinds of cow drawing here. Let me know if none work for you and I will try a yet simpler version.
Lets start!

  • Start by writing w and an upside down U.
  • Write a big upside down U for face. Write two C one for each ear.
  • Now we write a small U and another big U for mouth.
  • We write turned around J for front and a big turned around J for back.

  • Write 11 for leg and upside don U between them.
  • Write L for third leg.
  • Write U and then three small U.

  •  We make horns by writing upside down V.
  • Write a long thin U for tail and then an upside down U at its end.
  • Top that U with V and make as many spots you want.
  • Make eyes with dots and nose by writing two small O.
Color! Our cow is ready to moo!

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