Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rushing fire truck

All the little boys love fire trucks. So does my son. Lets draw another fire truck.

  • Start by writing L and a sleeping I on top of L.
  • We write a turned around crooked L and then number 5.
  • Write an upside down U. Join ends of 5 and U with sleeping I. Join second end of upside down U with turned around L.

  • Make wheels by writing small O inside big O.
  • Make window with turned around L and turned around J.
  • Make ladder by writing sleeping 11. Make the steps by writing I.
  • We write e to make hose but keep on turning end of e round and round to make spiral.

  • Top this spiral with A. 
  • Make lights with C and U. Make smoke with lots of U joined together.
Color! Our super easy, simple , easy to draw fire truck is ready for its assignment!

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