Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cute Cow

Another very easy to draw cow. This is one of the cow drawing out of three that I have in here. Let me know if none of them work for you and I will try to come up with a more simple version.
Here it goes.
We will start by making cow face.

  • Write O and two small O inside it.
  • Write I on one side and J on another.
  • Write two turned around D for ears and  a number of three together to make front hair.
  • Write two upside down V for horns and put two dots for eyes. 

  •  Write 11 with a Y for front legs.
  • Write turned around J and another 11(one long and one short 1) for hind legs.
  • Join 1s with sleeping I.
  • Join top of inner 1 with flat U.
  • Write U and three small U.

  • We write long thin U to make tail. Top this U with a turned around U and then write V.
  • Make dots or color patches. add details .

Color! Our happy cute cow is ready to graze in the fields.

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