Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Baby

Babies look so cute in Halloween costumes. I decided to draw some Halloween babies.
First we will learn to draw a basic structure. It is really simple and turns out cute.
Lets begin.

  • Write a big U for face , two C for ears and a small U for neck.
  • Make body with another U, just make sure that the ends of U are close together.
  • To make legs we write sleeping 11 on each side topped with upside down U.
  • Now lets make first hand by writing C and L on left. Make right hand by writing number 11 with its ends joined with I. 

  •  Join ends of left sleeve with I and write two turned around J for each thumb.
  • Finish making hand by writing turned around U on each side.

  • Make hair by writing a series of V together.
  • Put two dots for eyes. Write C for nose. We write a big U for smile and two C on each end of U for dimples.
  • Our baby is now made. I gave my baby a lollipop and a pumpkin. 
Hope you had fun. We can now dress our baby in different costumes!

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