Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Gift box Baby

Lets dress our cute baby in  a gift box costume. This will also make a wonderful , easy to draw Halloween Card.

Lets begin. I am drawing a little girl here. You can draw a little baby boy too. Just follow the instructions in
Halloween Baby .

  • We write  a big O for head and write two C on either side for ears.
  • To make hair fringes we write a couple of upside down U.  We make the gift box by writing 11 and joining their ends with sleeping I.
  • Join ends of U with sleeping I to make hair. Write 11 in the center of the gift box for ribbon.
  • We write C to make left hand and turned around C to make right hand.
  • Make eyes with dots, nose with C and smile with big U.
  • Make hair by writing L on each side.

  • Make ribbon by writing two O for each bow.
  • Make legs with 11.Join them with U and then make shoes. Please see Halloween Baby .
  • Decorate your gift box with polka dots. 
  • Color and you cute Halloween Baby card is ready.

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