Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hip Chicks

What does a rooster say to a hen he likes?
You are one hip chick!

How about drawing hip chicks for your Easter Card? It will be nice easy simple and really cute. Do you know why we never have Easter chick hunt but always Easter egg hunt??
Lets draw our hip chicks.
  • Write O and then U to make body.
  • Write sleeping I at the center of O to start making beak. Write V on either side of this sleeping I. V on top of I is upside down.
  • Put two dots for eyes. and write two small U on bottom of big U to start making feet
  • Write M on top of O to make hair . Write upside down Y for feet. Write another I in between the V of I Our feet is done.
  •  Draw wings by .writing upside down 7 on either side.
Now , lets turn our chick to hip chicks.
Instead of writing upside down & we cab write I and then join it with the body with W. We can do the same on other side and join it with a series of U.
Lets give our chick a bandanna. Write two upside down U, one on top of other and draw a flower on one side. Our cool chick is ready. Color and enjoy!!

Similarly we can give a hat to missy chick. We do this by writing a slanted I and upside down U. Then we join ends of both with bent Is. Ribbon is optional, but it surely makes the hat look more beautiful.

Our cute hip chicks wish you a happy Easter and a fun egg hunt.

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