Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chicken with bunny ears

What do you get when you cross a chicken and the Easter Bunny?
A good Easter. :-)

Easter stands for eggs, bunnies chocolates and chickens. But have you ever seen a chick with bunny ears. Lets try doing that now. I hope you will like it. Actually it turned out really cute.
Lets start.

  • Write O and then U to make body.
  • Write sleeping I at the center of O to start making beak. Write V on either side of this sleeping I. V on top of I is upside down.
  • Put two dots for eyes. and write two small U on bottom of big U to start making feet

  • Write M on top of O to make hair . Write upside down Y for feet. Write another I in between the V of I . Our feet is done.
  • Draw wings by writing upside down 7 on either side.

  • Make a band for this chicks head with two upside down Us close together.
  • Make bunny ears with two upside down Us on either side.
  • If you want this chick to hold candy write V for one wing and then give it a candy.
  • Color!!

How do bunnies stay healthy?
Eggercise  :-)

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