Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine ideas : Be my valentine

  • Start by writing two Os for eyes and make a heart.
  • Join one side of O to heart with 7. write another & turned around to make face.
  • To make a fifferent type of face we write two bend I on each side.

  • Now join free end of I with heart with 7 , and another turned around 7.
  • Now write a big U for body.
  • Write half of U on left side of the frog to give it a dimention.
  • Write two upside down U as shown in next figure for legs.

  • Now write Z at end of each U for legs to make feet.
  • Join free ends of V with lower case W.
  • Make hands by writing lowercase W and one lower case U on either side.
  • Make a big smile by writing a big flat U. Write small I on free ends of U
  • Make crown by writing two I on top of head.

  • Join the top free ends of I with W. Top peaks with lower case O.
  • Put two dots inside O we wrote for eyes so that our frog can see.

  • Draw a lily pad by writing a huge O . Color and decorate your valentine card !!

What sound does a frog make on a valentines day????
Ribit, ribit ribit :-D . Did you think something else :-).

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