Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine ideas : How to draw bee my valentine card

Why did the bee started talking poetry?
He was waxing lyrical! The lyrics were Bee my Love...Bee Mine...Bee my valentine!!

Lets draw a Bee My Valentine Card.
This is a really cute and very easy valentine card.

  • Start by writing two O.
  • Write U for body and 3 for lips.

  • Now make hands and legs with I. Make a big dot at end of each as in picture.
  • Write C and turned around J to make wings.

  • Write turned around J (like a candy cane)at top of head for antennae. Draw a heart at the free end of each antenna.
  • Put dot for eye.
  • Color and your card is ready!!

What did the one bee say to other bee??
Lets Bee friends!!

Happy Valentine Everyone!! Lets Bee Friends!! I hope you are enjoying my lessons as much as I am. Drop me a comment or email if you have some thing special in your mind.

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