Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Card Idea: How to draw a valentine baby card

Lets make a cute valentine baby card.

  • Start by writing O.
  • Write two C, one turned around to make ears.
  • Write 3 and another turned around 3, you can also think of them as w to make fist.

  • Now join the lower end of 3 with C, do the same with right side but use a turned around C this time.
  • Make heart by writing lower case M between fist and then a V as in next figure.

  • Now lets make the legs. We write two very small upside down U on either side.
  • Write a small sleeping I on each side and then write two upper case C as in the third figure.
  • Put two dots on either side of heart.

  • Join free end of Cs to the dot and then join dot and middle of heart with slanted I.
  • Put two dots for eyes, a U for smile, two Cs for dimples and S for hair.
  • We can give a bow to baby by writing a small O and a 3 on either side.
Color and enjoy!! 

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