Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Ideas: How to draw a valentine monkey card

What do you call a monkey who loves potato chips?
a chipmonk :-)
 Monkeys live in groups, known as troops. They express affection and pacify others by grooming each other. Will it not be nice to get a personal groomer for valentine day.
Lets draw our sweet valentine monkey card. 

  • Start by writing O.
  • Write an upside down U on top of O.
  • Write two C, one should be turned around for ears. Write two similar but smaller Cs inside the big ones to finish making ears.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  • Write small V to start making nose.

  • Make eyebrows by writing two horizontal I.
  • Finish nose by joining tips of V with I. Color it black.
  • Make a big smile by writing a big U and then make dimples by writing two small U at each end of big U.
  • Make body by writing a huge U as in last figure.

  • Write a turned around J to start making one arm.
  • Write turned around 3 for the second hand.
  • Write small U mid way on the left side of big U that was for body . Write turned around C joining lower end of 3 to finish making second hand.

  • To make legs we write four 1, inner two a little longer than outer two.
  • Make tail by writing 6.

  • Finish making feet by writing C joining outer and inner 1.
  • Our monkey is done.
  • You can make your monkey hold anything you like. Mine is holding a balloon and a heart.
  • You can change the shape of tail by writing S instead of 6.
  • Color and enjoy!!

What did the boy monkey say to the girl monkey on Valentine's Day?
You're fun to hang around with! :-)

I am sure you have your own troop to hang around with for a wonderful valentine party!!


  1. Great and simple!!! Nice drawing with easy tips for kids to learn.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful feedback. If you have anything in mind for you or your little one which you will like to see here then please reply to me. I would love to hear from you :-)

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