Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another simple Christmas Tree

What do you call a girl with a Christmas Tree on her head?

The decorated Christmas tree can be traced back to the ancient Romans who during their winter festival, decorated trees with small pieces of metal during Saturnalia, a winter festival in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture. An evergreen, the "Paradise tree", was decorated with apples as a symbol of the feast of Adam and Eve held on December 24th during the middle ages.

Lets draw another very simple christmas tree.

  • Start by writing upside down V.
  • Write two 7 on each free end of V, notice that we have turned around one 7.
  • Repat this till your Christmas tree is as tall as you want.
  • Now join free ends of  7 with bent I.
  • Write 11 for the stalk. Join tips with I.
  • Color and decorate.
What did the Christmas tree say to the ornament?
"Aren't you tired of hanging around?"

I have found a beautiful blog that teaches to make Christmas Cards. Check this out.

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