Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goods Train

How do you know when a train is eating?
You hear it chooing (chewing). :-)

Trains are made up of many parts that have a specific task. All trains are different and require different mechanics to function. Locomotives can use steam, diesel, electric, or hydrogen as its mode of energy. Air brakes are used in modern trains by using compressed air.

 Let us draw a train. This is a goods train.

  • Start by writing horizontal I and then two small o and a big O as shown.
  • Now write 11 on right side of I. Make the second 1 longer as shown.
  • Write small O inside big O to finish making wheel.
  • Write J to make roof

  • Join top of J with I and finish bottom of tarin by joining wheels with I.
  • Write two 11 as shown. Front 11 longer than the latter. Join their edges with I.
  • Top the ends of 1 of first 11 with slanted I.
  • Also write another slanted I in front of the engine. Join them both with I. You can also think of bottom tilted I in front of this train as turned around 7.

  • Write 11 , and join ends with I to make window.
  • Make carriage with 11 toped with I on top and two small O at bottom. Join with I as needed.
  • To make the end write a small U.
  • We can make smaoke by clubbing a lot of 3s together. Color your train in bright color.
Choo choo... we are ready to go Vyas & Reva !

What's the difference between a teacher and a train? 

A teacher says, "Spit out your gum,"
and a train says, "choo, choo."  :-)

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