Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is Safe Boating Week, so remember the first rule of boating safety. Stay away from water. :-)

A boat is a watercraft designed to float , to provide passage across water.  The earliest boats have been predicted to be logboats.
Lets draw our own boat.

  • Start by writing a horizontal I.
  • At its two ends we write slanted Is , slanted towards the center of of the big I.
  • Write an upside down V on top of the big I.

  • Now write another long I at the center of V. Make this I long to extend beyond V.
  • To make flag we write small V at free end of I.
  • Write a lot of Us together to make water.  Color and we are done.
This is Safe Boating Week, so be extra careful at the lake.
Remember, with water so polluted these days, drowning can be really yucky.
And you can imagine what it does to your hair. :-)

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