Saturday, January 1, 2011


Why are owls invited to so many parties?
Because they are a hoot to have around :-).

Owls are believed to be among the smartest of all birds.
Owls are fascinating to observe due to their behaviors. They are almost always found living alone.
They have large eyes, a rounded body, and small ears. They also have great vision and sense of smell. They can fly very quickly even though most of the time you see one it may be perched and not moving at all.
There are two main categories of owls, typical owls and barn owls.  Lets draw a barn owl. I love this owl.

  • Write C first.
  • Write another C turned around.Think of it as the mirror image of first one.
  • Write a two flat Us, you can also think of it as bent I and one U as shown in the next figure.
  • Write small Is at the each tip of upper flat U.

  • Now join this I and second flat U with M on each side.
  • Write two upside down Us for feet.
  • Put two dots for eyes and finish feet by writing 3 joining edges of each U of feet.

  • Now write two tilted Is for eye brows and two Is for wings at the start of U we made for body.
  • Write V for beak.
  • Finish wings by writing W on each side of Is we made in earlier step.

Hoot!! Hoot !!

What does an owl with attitude have?"
A scowl! :-)

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