Saturday, January 1, 2011


Why did the famous movie stars go to the river?
They wanted to give out some otter-graphs! :-)

The otter is a small mammal that lives both in water and on land.
The otter has five toes on each of their four feet that give otter strength to swim in the water and the stability when climbing up muddy river banks. On each toes of the otter, there are sharp strong claws which add  strength and performance of their feet both in water and on land.
Most Otters are very social and they usually have great time with each other. They are quite playful. Lets make a playful otter.

  • Start by writing two big Us and then a small U on top of it.
  • Write an upside down U to finish making head,
  • Join the small U we made for nose with I.
  • Write two upside down U on each side of head to make ears.

  • Put two dots for eyes and few dots on each side for whiskers.
  • Write a big U for body.
  • Lets make arm by writing C as shown in above picture.

  • Write U starting at the beginning of C and join the other end of U to the end of big U of the body.
  • Make another arm by writing  U.
  • Finish arms by writing C for the first arm and small U for second arm.
  • Write Is on each side of mouth if you want whiskers.

What good would an otter be without its otter-half :-) ? So here are two of them.

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