Saturday, January 1, 2011


Why did the lizard go on a diet ?
It weighed too much for its scales !! :-).

Lizards come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from a few centimeters (geckos and chameleons) to 9 feet or more (the Komodo dragon). They are cold blooded reptiles with scaly skin, and some species of lizard can shed their tails when the are in danger, but not all species of lizard are capable of doing this.
Lizards tend to be more active during the night as lizards spend the day basking in the hot sun in order to warm themselves up.

The lizard we are going to draw here is a little complicated. Just stay focussed and follow the figure as you read instructions. It will come out a lizard I promise.

  • Start by writing V.
  • Write two more Vs for neck.
  • Now write three Cs as shown in next figure. I hope you have an eraser handy for this one as we might have to adjust the size of Cs a little bit.

  • Write S for tail.
  • Make feet with two Ls on each side. Note the right Ls have been turned around.
  • For hind legs we write bigger upside down V covering the smaller one on each side.

  • To make toes write two 3s together at the tip of each leg.
  • Finish tail by writing another big S. start that S at the left hind leg and finish this S by joing it to first S we wrote.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  • Join tip of V of face to tip of tail with another line.
See we did it. Practice it one more time and this time it will be better. You can then draw a family of lizards.

What is a chameleon's motto ?
A change is as good as a rest ! :-)

No rest for me though, while I have some time ,I should quickly move to the next one. I hope you are enjoying my lessons.

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