Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have no idea why I wanted to draw a funny animal. I think my humor bone was tickling too much.
I am now sure you find this animal funny or not but here it comes.
  • Start by writing big O for face. Write two small ones for eyes and a little bigger O for nose.
  • Write U for body, and upside down U for ears. Cover first U of ear with another set of upside down U and write a flat U for smile.
  • Put dots inside each eye so that this animal can see.
  • Write 11 on each cheek.
  • Lets make arms and legs by writing Os (it can either be flat or real Os).
  • Finish body by covering it with big U.
  • You can make tail with 11 or not make it.

Color this Funny Funny!!

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