Saturday, January 1, 2011


Which game did the fox want to play with mouse?
Catch :-).

 The fox is the smallest member of the dog family. They are agile predators that usually weigh under 7kg. They scavenge carrion, wild fruits and hunt small rodents, rabbits, birds and invertebrates. They hunt small prey sufficient to feed only one animal and hence are solitary predators who do not hunt in packs. Fox is the only animal who lives with his own wits.
Lets draw this witty animal. It is more of a cartoon, like Swiper, the fox, from Dora.

  • Start by writing two flat Cs facing opposite sides.
  • Top this with upside down U.
  • Write M on each side to join edges of C and U.

  • Now write Os for eyes and put smaller O inside each eye.
  • Write a small O for nose and upside down Vs for ears.
  • Write a big U for body.
  • Now write three I for legs . The middle one should be a little longer than the side two Is.
  • Write flat C for one arm. 
  • Write J at tip of each side I of feet. Join it with series of three small Us as in the next figure to finish making feet.
  • Write S for tail.

  • Finish tail joining tip of  S to body with curved I, you can also think of it as flat C.
The fox is ready !!

Where did the fox go when it lost it's tail?
To the retail store. :-)

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