Saturday, January 1, 2011


Do fish ever have holidays?
No-They are always in schools :-).

A group of fish is called school. Now lets talk about clown fish; remember ,"Nemo."
Clown fishes get their name because of their stripes and their bouncing movements, which make them look like clowns! Apart from the orange and white color, clown fishes are also found in black and white color. Their body is black in color and the stripes are white. These are called Ocellaris clown fishes. All clown fish are born males. But when a female dies, the most dominant clown fish changes itself into a female!
Lets draw this amazing clown fish now.

  • Start by making a loop with small L or small E.
  • Write number3 for mouth, fin and tail.
  • Write 7 for remaining three fins.
  • Write O for eye. Write a smaller O inside this big one.
  • Now write a small U for the body fin. Writea series of bent I to make face and stripes.

Color and we are ready .

What kind of money do fishermen make?
Net profits! :-)

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