Wednesday, March 2, 2011


What time does a duck wake up?
 At the quack of dawn!

Ducks are birds. They are also called "waterfowls" because they are normally found in places with water, like ponds, streams and rivers. They are related to geese and swans. The duck is the smallest of them all.
Quack ! Quack! Did you know that when ducks quack they have no echo. Lets draw one now.

  • Write S.
  • Write a U at the tip of  S.
  • Write L at the free end of U.

  • Write a flat U.
  • Write M for tail of this duck.
  • Write C for beak.

  • Put a dot for eye, and write I inside C.
  • Write another U , and your duck is done. Quack !! Quack!!.
By the way do you know who stole the soap?
Robber duckky :-).

1 comment:

  1. My daughter would love it. Thank you for helping her learn to draw in a easy and simple way!



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