Saturday, January 22, 2011


Turtles and tortoises evolved before most of the others in the animal kingdom even before lizards about 200 million years ago. Still most are almost exactly the same as their prehistoric counterparts. Turtles can breath through their bottom by used the muscles in their bottom to extract Oxygen from the water around them meaning they don’t have to come to the top of the water to breath. Baby turtles aren’t able to do this until they are a few months old.
Turtles are often depicted as symbols of patience and wisdom.

  • Start by writing an upside down U.
  • Join edges of U with I.

  • Write C to start making face. Write two flat Us at the bottom of shell for feet.
  • Join C with shell with 11.

  • If you want a turtle facing front, do not make face just write a small V in between its shell.
  • Draw lines inside the shell to show segments.

Quick question, how do turtles communicate with each other?
With shell phones! :-)

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