Friday, March 4, 2011


Crabs are decapods (ten legs) crustaceans (their skeleton is on the outside) and arthropods (they have segmented legs).
I was going to bring the crab out to introduce you before we drew him, but he was being shy.  I had a talk with him, but it is tough to get him out of his shell. Finally he consented. So here we go.

  • Start with a flat O (oval) for body.Write a couple of Os and Cs inside it.
  • For the claws we write two small C, and then another set of C inside the first one.
  • To draw feet, we write four J on one side of the body and four J on the other side of body.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  •  Finish claws with number3. 
  • Join J and body with I to make feet.
  • This crab is ready now. 

    Let me know if this crabs wont share the color pencils with you.  
    They have been known to be a little shellfish :-).

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