Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just recently came to know of a chicken fact. Chicken are pretty fast. The chicken can travel up to 9 miles per hour when it wants to. Lets see how fast can we draw this one. Get set go.

  • Write a flat O.
  • Write a big U for body.
  • Put two dots for eyes.
  • Start drawing the beak with an upside down V.

  • Finish this beak by writing another V joining the edges of first V; write I between them horizontally.
  • Write 11 for feet
  • Write an upside down V at end of each 1 , and then another small I between them. Feet is now  fully done.

  • For wing, we write C on each side of body.
  • We write W to join edge of C to U. If you have trouble writing this W with round bottoms , think of it as two Us joined together.
  • Write two I for hair.
Finally, do you know who tells the best chicken joke?
Comedi-hens :-).

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