Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What day of the week do chickens hate?
Fry-day !! Poor chicken.

We will give them some ease and just draw them here today. This one is just hatched.

  • Write a big U.
  • Join the edges of U with a series of V written together. Do not worry for these V to be uniform, the different sizes of V will look even better. This is the egg shell.

  • Write a capital C for the head. Note that this C has been turned around, and it is written a small distance from the shell.
  • Join the edges of C to the shell with bent I on each side.
  • For the beak we write V. Then write an upside down V joining the edges of first V. Join the ends of this beak with I.
  • Put two dots for eyes. Write two tilted I for hair.
Cheep!! Cheep!! This one is too cute to be fried!!

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