Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What do you call a cow who cannot give milk?
An udder failure :-).

A cow is responsible for supplying around 90 percent of the dairy needs of the world population.She usually spends 6-7 hours in day eating cud and around 8 hours on chewing it. That is 14 to 15 hours of her day is spent eating. Lets spend few minutes drawing her.

  • Begin by writing 3.
  • Join the edges of 3 with flat U.
  • Write two small O inside this , for nose.
  • Write a upside down U at a distance for head.

  • Join edges of U with 3 with two tilted I.
  • Write two thin U on each side of head for ears.
  • For horn we write two J, one should face the wrong side. You can also think of those as two half U.
  • Join the edges of half U with I . Horns are ready.

  • To make body we write an I and half of T.
  • Write a small O and join it with I for tail.
  • Start making leg. Write a C and an I.
  • Join C to the end of half T with L. Join the tips of first leg with I.
  • Finish body with I.
  • For third leg write 11 and join with I.
  • The forth leg is L.

  • Now write a U and write small Us around it. Cow is ready.

I hope you followed the directions correctly and your cow is not an udder failure. I am sure you must know what a cow listens to?
Moo-sic of course :-).

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