Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentine Ideas: Valentine love mail

What did the stamp say to the envelop on Valentine's day?
I am stuck on you!

Lets draw a Valentine Mail.
  • Start by writing a slanted I and an upside down U on it.
  • Write C as in second picture.


  • Now we write sleeping slanted Is.
  • Join the two Is with half of upside down U.


  • We write 11 to make flag post and three 1s to make mail stand.
  • We make flag by writing V.

  • We write 11 and then join the upper and lower ends with sleeping Is.
  • We draw a heart inside this mail.
  • We write O to finish making mail stand.

  • Color and decorate. Our valentine mailbox with a cute valentine letter is ready!

1 comment:

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