Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentine ideas : How to draw I Love You Teddy Bear Valentine Card

How do teddies send their letters?
By bear mail! :-)
This cute little teddy is holding a letter that says I love you. It is super duper easy to draw. Have fun!

  • Start by writing two C. One regular and one turned around.
  • Write 1 in center of each C and join it with sleeping I.
  • Write 3 and a turned around C to make fingers. Repeat for other side.
  • Write another sleeping I to finish making mail.
  • Now write two turned around U, one small and the other one a little bigger.

  • Make heart inside nose and mail.
  • Make ears by writing two upside down U on either side of the face to make ears.
  • Now time to make legs. Write one small O inside a bigger O to make one leg. Repeat for second leg.

  • Write sleeping I joining the center of two legs.
  • Write I and U inside the mail as well.
  • Color, decorate and enjoy your cute card.
Our cute easy to draw valentine card is ready!

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