Saturday, September 1, 2012


What do you call an Irish Dragonfly? Paddy Long Legs!

It is a predator of insects such as mosquitoes and flies, the dragonfly also eats ants, bees and butterflies. It is found around lakes, ponds and wetlands where they breed, hatch and hunt. The humming sound of the dragonfly’s wings is feared by mosquitoes which sense danger and flee.
Harbingers of summer and eliminator of pests, the beautiful dragonfly has arrived. Lets draw these beautiful creature.

  • Start by writing three Os. Join little Os to big O with Is.
  • Write a long U under big O. Mark two dots on either side of U.

  • Write two V on either side of U.
  • Top these V with upside down Us.
  • Color and our dragonfly is ready!

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