Friday, August 10, 2012

Dancing Butterfly

What do a moth, a butterfly and a fish have in common?


Everyone knows that fish have scales. But, what about moths and butterflies? Did you know that the powder-like substance on the wings of moths and butterflies is actually tiny layers of scales. These layers of scales help give butterflies and moths their beautiful color. They also give out a special smell for mating.
Lets draw now.
  •  Start with a small o.
  • Write a really long U for the body.
  • Mark both sides of U with three equally spaced dots.

  • Write a  M on top joining the first two dots and a W on the other side joining the first two dots. You can also think of it as the number 3 with the edges of 3 stretched to join the first two dots.
  • Join the second and third dots with U on each side.
  • For the antennas we write two small os.

  •  Join the os with tilted Is to the top of the head, Put two dots for eyes.
  • You can also make wings on one side only.
Fly butterfly fly !!
By the way, where do butterflies go to read books?
At branch libraries! :-).



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