Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patriot Baby

Happy 4th of July every one!!

It has been time since I posted anything. We had viral for quite a while.
Anyways, lets begin with a forth of July joke.

What is blue, white , red and green?
A patriot turtle :-).

Well I am not drawing a patriot turtle now, instead we will draw a patriot baby.
Lets start.

  • Start by writing a big U. Write two C on each side to make ears.
  • Write C on each side,( second C should be turned around) to start making the hat.
  • Join ends of C to make the lower edge of hat. Write another sleeping I joining each end of C. The bottom of hat is done.


  •  Write two I on each side and join top of I with sleeping I.
  • Write W to make hair.

  •  Write C to start making arm. Then we write L Our hand is getting formed.
  • We write a turned around U to start making feet.We now write turned around w and u. Our wrist is formed.
  • We write O for feet. We write I joining arm and foot. One side is now done.
  • To make tummy we write J.
  • We write O start making second foot.

  •  Join second foot to body by writing two sleeping I.
  • Make second arm by writing J.
  • Decorate the hat with stripes and starts.
  • Make bid by writing J and I. Make neck by writing U. Decorate bib with stripes and stars.
  • Put two dots for eyes, a small c for nose and make smile with sleeping I and U. You can make dimples by writing two small c on each side of I.

  • Color!! Our 4th of July card is ready!

What did one flag say to the other flag?
Nothing , it just waved. :-)

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