Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bull Dog

Which movie did the dog go to?
Wizard of Paws :-).

Dogs are not fully color blind, but their sight is very dim. It's similar to the way we see objects or people at twilight. A dog's vision is based on movement, shape and brightness instead of color. Don't let their lack of colored vision fool you. Their other senses such as smelling and hearing well compensate for the lack of vision.
Time to draw another dog. Our last one.

  • Start by writing four upside down Us.  We write a small one then cover it with a bigger one. We then write two small ones on top of the bigger one for eyes.
  • Write a small O for nose.Write an I to complete the face.
  • Write a big upside down U to complete the face. Also write two small Us at sides of the face for ears.
  • Join ears with face with two horizontal I.
  • Put two dots for eyes and few dots for whiskers on each side. You can also make the nose different by putting two dots.
  • We can make the dog happy by writing a small U for mouth, or we can make it sad by writing a small upside down U for mouth.
  • Draw the body as we did for the previous dogs. This one has two Is, an upside down U, two 3s for paws and small crooked V for tail.
Ruff !! Ruff !!
Never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose. A dog is indeed man's best friend. 

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