Sunday, June 10, 2012


Lets start with another joke.

What did Saturn come with to the space party?
Lots of pretty bright rings. :-)

Saturn is the second largest planet. It has lots of rings around its middle. These rings are made of ice and rock. Saturn is the only planet that can be seen from earth with unaided eyes. This planet has lots of moon- 30 moons. One of Saturn's moon is called Titan.
Lets draw Saturn now.

  • Start by writing a sleeping I and then an upside down U over it to make it a semi circle.
  • Now write three C on either side as in second picture.
  • Join free ends of C with bent Is.
  • Now write a big U in the bottom same size as the upper one to complete making our planet.
  • We then write a lot of sleeping Is inside our planet.
  • We make Saturn's moon by writing O near its rings.


  • Color and Saturn is all ready for our space party too.

Fun Fact
Saturn is named after Roman God of agriculture.

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