Sunday, June 10, 2012


Another space joke first.

Why did all the planets shiver when Neptune came to the Space party?
Because it was full of storms. :-)

Neptune, the eighth planet from sun is the stormiest planet. One storm on Neptune had winds that blew upto 1200 miles per hour. Neptune has eight moons and it has a lot of incomplete rings that bare better called arcs around it.

Lets draw Neptune.

  • Write a sleeping I , then upside down U on top and C at the ends.
  • Write another set of C on both ends of semi circle and join its ends with sleeping I.
  • Write U at the bottom to finish our planet.

  • Write a lot of sleeping Is inside this planet and then color it shades of  blue , teal and grey.
  • Our planet is ready.

Fun Fact
Neptune is named after Roman Sea God.



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