Friday, October 21, 2011


What do you call a 100 spiders on a tire?
A spinning wheel!

Spiders have so many legs. Most of them have more than two eyes. They seem to float down from the ceiling and land on the unsuspecting. Spiders frighten a lot of people, including me. Spiders are so spooky that they have become popular Halloween decorations.

Lets draw a spider spinning its web.
This one is a vampire spider.

  • Start by writing X.
  • Write T as in the next picture. 
  • Now lets spin our web by writing bend I, you can also think of it as flat U and C.

  • Finish spinning your web. If you want your spider web to be denser then instead of writing T make a plus sign.
  • Now lets make our spider. Write a long I at one end of T. Write O at end of this I.
  • Write two small O inside big O to make eyes.

  • Make legs by writing eight small  L around O , four on each side to make legs.
  • Write flat U inside O to make mouth. Write two V touching flat U to make vampire teeth.
  • Color and enjoy your spooky spider !!
That will look good in your Halloween card. How about drawing spiders at the end of each straight line? That will look a lot more spooky :-).

Lets end this Halloween spider session with a funny spider joke.

What is red and dangerous?
Strawberry and tarantula jelly!

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