Friday, October 21, 2011


When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?
When you're a mouse.

Witchcraft and magic were associated with the black cat. It was believed that the Prince of Darkness himself borrowed the coat of a black cat to torment his victims. Did you ever wonder why a cat sees in pitch-black dark? It’s because their eyes take light in and reflect it back out, like a flashlight!

Lets draw a Halloween scary cat.
Depending on how you color it, it can be cute as well.

  • Start by writing U.
  • Join this U with flat U.
  • Write a turned around J, you can also think of it as a candy cane.

  • Make back of this cat by writing upside down V.
  • Now make another candy cane shape(  an upside down U with the second side shorter than first).
  • Make hind legs by writing two 7. Smaller 7 should start at the free end of U.

  • Join the long end of U and first turned around J with I. Our first leg is done.
  • Join tip of 7 and free end of V with I.
  • Join the tips of two 7 with I. Our hind leg is done.
  • Make eyes by writing C. Join these C with another set of C.
  • We make tail by writing flat V and bend I.
  • Meow !! Growl !! Our cat is here. If you want this cat to look cute make bors at its head or neck. If you want it to look spooky draw bats around it and color it black as I have done for my card.

    This is how my spooky cat Halloween card looks like. Did you draw yours?

As usual, I cannot let go without my fun joke. So here is another Halloween joke.

What happened to the girl who wore a mouse costume to her Halloween party ?
The cat ate her !

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