Friday, September 23, 2011


Why did orange go to doctor?
Because it was not peeling well. :-)

There is more fiber in an orange than in most other fruits and veggies!  A funny thing about orange seed is, if  you plant a single seed from an orange you will probably get more than one plant growing from it.
Lets draw an orange now.

  • Start by writing O.
  • Write a small 11 towards upper middle of this O and join ends of this O with I.
  • Write two W together at the stem of this orange.
  • Finish making orange by writing a small upside down U at the bottom.
  • Color !! 
Lets end with another orange joke.
Why did the orange stop rolling?
Because it was out of juice. :-)

Now an orange tongue twister.
Orange jello, lemon jello.
Orange jello,lemon jello.

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