Saturday, September 17, 2011


What did kiwi tell plum?
Be my friend and I will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. :-)

Did you know kiwi fruit is actually a berry? Its flavor is a mixture of peaches, strawberries, and melon with a soft and juicy texture. Kiwifruit is high in antioxidant vitamin C and a good source of fiber, vitamin E and potassium. It is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free.

Lets draw kiwi fruit now.

  • Start by writing O.
  • Write two M together on top of it.
  • Now to draw fuzz we simply write couple of Is all over it.
  • A kiwi fruit is ready.
Now lets draw half of this kiwi fruit.
  • Write O and a small O inside it.
  • Write turned around C  or U on one side joining big O.
  • Put a lot of dots around little O.
  • Write some Is for fuzz if you want.
  • Sliced kiwi is ready.
  • Draw these two together. Color and enjoy!!

What did a sliced kiwi said to whole kiwi?
Brother, now I am cold :-)

Now time for kiwi tongue twister
Katie's kiwi Kate ate kawaii kiwi !!
Please leave me a comment if you know better kiwi tongue twister.


  1. Thanks for posting your wonderful creativity. I use it all the time to have fun with my kids.

  2. Thanks Bobby !! Your feedback are so encouraging. After few more fruits I plan to work on Halloween theme.
    My little one has just started Kindergarten. I hope he will be able to make some greeting cards using my Halloween drawings :-) !!



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