Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Rules of Airways: 
Flying is not dangerous; crashing is dangerous. :-)

The Modern Fighter planes are the fastest and the toughest of all the planes. The planes are not cheap, for they can cost as much as 2 billion dollars! The fighter planes are specially designed for high speeds, like the fact that the wings on the F-14 can slide back (for high speeds) and forward (for slow speeds) during flight.

Lets draw another plane.

  • Write C first, the bottom line of C a little longer than the top.
  • Write upside down U at the lower end of C.
  • Now write another small U at upper edge of C.

  • Now write tilted I starting at free tip of U, and another tilted I at free tip of upside down U. Second I should be a little longer than first one.
  • Now write 11, one 1 at free tip of each I.

  • Join ends of 11 with I. Write another small upside down U to cover the small upper U.
  • To make wings, write tilted U at the top. 
  • Write another U on the other side starting at the free end of lower U.

  • Write an I at nose of the plane and we are ready to fly.

What did one fighter pilot say to his buddy upon landing?
Was that a landing or were we shot down?  :-)

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